Monday, September 05, 2005

I Can Help You

Watching more footage from New Orleans just now, tears running down my face, though I tried to wipe them away as fast as they came, so Bella wouldn't see. But she doesn't miss a thing, that one.

Bella: "Mommy, you're sad?"

Me: "Yes, Honey, I'm sad."

Bella: "Why are you sad, Mommy?"

Me: (struggling for the right words, and gesturing toward the images on the television screen) "Well, I'm sad because there are people in trouble, and they are hurting, and sad, and I can't help them. That makes me sad."

Bella: "Mommy? I need to make you happy."

Me: "You do, Darling. You do make me happy." (She has during this time crawled into my lap, wiped tears from my face, and given me lots of kisses.)

Bella: "I make you happy, Mommy. See, Mommy, I can help you." (Smiles at me, then reports to her Daddy that Mommy is sad and "we need to make her happy." Daddy promises to help in this effort.)

We all do what we can, even the smallest of us. Thank you, God, for this little miracle of a child. And continue to bless and support the people of New Orleans and all who have been affected by this great disaster.


  1. YES! She said, with a tear in her eye and a sniffle in her nose. Never grow up, darn you, child!

  2. I found your site through a comment you left at fussy. I don't know how old Bella is but you must be doing something right to have such a compassionate daughter. I never hide my feelings from my children and we are all better for it.
    And Barbara Bush's comment? Makes me want to scream and cry for this poor country with this family at it's helm.

  3. Why, thank you, Elizabeth. Isabella will be 3 in October (it's flying by so fast). She's always been very empathetic and concerned with people's moods and feelings--the states she hates most are "sad", "angry", and, funny to me, "busy".

    I know this will be seen as "traitorous" by some, and I really DO try to respect the office of the president, if not the person, but I have to agree with a good friend who said to me earlier today that GWB might be the most effective terrorist this country has ever suffered. A little hyperbole? Maybe. But he certainly hasn't been good for us.

    Good news is on the way for N.O., though, as James Lee Witt moves into town and teaches Mike Brown a thing or two. More on that later tonight.

  4. LOL.
    Natalie is all into the toilet these days. When DH was getting her off to preschool this morning, she said "I went poopy! I needa tell Mommy. She will be happy."

    I usually give her a great big hug and a high five.

    Our daughters are so precious. We are indeed blessed.

  5. Natalie and Bella seem so much alike to me. Is it OK if I just assume that I must be almost as cool as you are as a mom, then?

  6. Definitely! Most likely even cooler. ;)