Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How To Have Faith In Humanity

There's philanthropy, there's bravery, there's heroism, and then there's Hank Finney. Read about, and watch a video clip of the young man who not only went from house to house saving his neighbors from floodwaters, but fought off scavenging alligators in the process...AND KEPT GOING.

For more uplifting of your spirit, read about how reports of looting, violence, rapes and murders in the wake of Katrina have apparently been somewhat exaggerated.


  1. thanks for these links. since i am on a media embargo, i am relying on the kindess of strangers.

  2. No prob. I've reached somewhat of a limit myself, so I'm sticking with stories like how the Audubon Zoo animals are OK, and how they got most of the coach horses and mules out, and how people are actually being reunited not only with their loved ones, but with their PETS.

    But this kid, this Finney kid...he got CHEWED UP to the point of nearly being killed, and just KEPT GOING...for no other reason than "people kept calling out for help." Bless his heart. If I knew where to reach him, I'd send him a gift.

  3. About the story where they said much of the negative reporting was falacious, I saw the police chief and mayor of New Orleans today on TV going into the superdome and there were bodies in there, including an old man who had been bludgeoned to death, a 7 year old girl with her throat cut, and people who died of gunshot wounds. While I think the looting stories were exaggerated, I do believe that there were gangs shooting up the Superdome. Too many survivors interviewed substantiated the claims, including a family that took their family out of there because of the gunshots.

    What I want to know is, did those gangsters get evacuated and if so, to where? Hopefully not my neck of the woods.

  4. THe human animal is so unreliable in times of stress and in mob situations, isn't it?

    There was a line that was so true in, of all movies "Men In Black". Will Smith asks Tommy Lee Jones why they don't just inform the public about the aliens...he says, "People are smart." TLJ corrects him--"A PERSON is smart. People are stupid."

    It just shocks me how quickly all societal mores can completely break down, and it seems like some people must be on edge all the time, just WAITING for an excuse to go beast.

  5. I just want to know why the TV station/web site had to do a commercial promoting itself (I was ALREADY on their web site, so I think I'm aware of who they are) before the clip would play.


  6. I think I got a stupid GEICO commercial. Grrrr. But weren't you just as impressed as all get-out by that kid? If his nickname is not "Gator" for the rest of his life, there is no justice in the world.