Saturday, September 10, 2005

Go Hogs, Go.

So. Hog game this evening. On the RADIO. I never could stand football before I married Alex, but at least now I can kind of follow it, and can stand to watch it, and even enjoy it, and at least half the time I know what's going on. If I'm watching it. On the radio, it's just a whole different story, with commentators speaking Football-Greek and boring large, painful tunnels of (ironically) boredom right through my brain.

You cannot imagine the bargaining that's going on here today. OK, watch the Notre Dame/Michigan game, but then I get to see an episode of "Angel." No Ohio State/Texas unless somebody does some dishes. (I'm going to lose that one.)

Nothing comes between straight Arkansas men (and at least HALF, by my observation, of the gay ones) and their Razorbacks. It's a sickness. The (Razorback Red) pickup is totally tricked out on game days, like you wouldn't believe. Even my white Tahoe is required to sport a Razorback hitch-cover. We're all required to wear hoggyback paraphernalia during games we watch/listen to at home (I have repeatedly explained to Alex that the players actually can NOT see OR hear them from here, but he insists it doesn't matter). We no longer have Matt Jones... marvel over and TiVo and obsessively watch and re-watch and slow-mo and frame-by-frame his every play....but we now have Peyton Hillis, whose claim to adoration around here seems to be that during the off-seasons he has been known to keep in shape by HARNESSING HIMSELF TO AUTOMOBILES AND PULLING THEM UP HILLS. That's right. Look at him--doesn't he look like he could drag your car up a hill?
I should actually count myself lucky that I've been able to stave off the installment at my home of one of these mailboxes:

So far, I try to counter with something like this whenever the subject comes up:

And so far, we still have a very generic, if quite large, silver metal mailbox. So far. Oh, and the Hogs? This is a "building year". Which, I gather, means it's OK if we lose a lot for now.


  1. Woo-pig sooie and all that.

    That bald big-lipped guy on THV would be so proud.

    Thank god for buffy on DVD! :-)

  2. Ahhh, the great mailbox debate.
    Consider yourself lucky that you are not faced with an urgent dilemma of replacing the mailbox right away. A few weeks ago, someone went up our road bashing mailboxes, ours was fatally wounded. However, since we are also in the middle of the Great Mailbox Debate, we have not yet replaced it, since an agreement cannot yet be reached on which style to get. I am definetly more in favor of the poodle, while the Husband wants something a little more umm...masculine? In the meantime, the leftovers of our present mailbox hang precariously on it's post by baling twine, and when my daughter wants to send outgoing mail, she tapes the flag in the upright position to the side of the mailbox. It's a sad sad situation.


  3. That is so funny--do you know, the last time we came by your house, we said the next time we came we were bring a mailbox. You REALLy need to take a picture of that thing and put it on your blog. It's hilarious. And you know I mean that with the love. And 'cuz it's funny.

    Also, you and Michelle W. are going to have to start using a last initial, so I don't have to figure out from context which one of you I'm talking to!