Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Evil Alien Ninja Cats

To you, whoever you are, who found your way to my blog via this search, I apologize that the eagerly-sought content was not here, and you were most assuredly disappointed. I hate when that happens, like when the mystery-person came here looking for how to hitch up his horses to a buckboard, or the guy (I'm assuming, kinda sexist, I know) wanting directions for making a homemade ninja suit.

Anyway, I hate for anyone to go away unhappy, so if you happen to find your way back, evil alien ninja cat searcher, this is for you. It's the best I could do.


  1. Bopped over from Tony's blog - welcome to our crazy little blogging community!

  2. Thanks--glad you weren't looking for evil alien ninja cats. I hate to disappoint.

  3. It always makes me laugh when I see how some people arrive at our blogs. Some of the searches are quite bizzarre.

    Anyway (fave word), we found our way here via Tony's blog too. Being unable to resist his charming and sexy words, here we are.

    Hello! We like you.

    We always listen to his recommendations (except some of the really perverse ones). This is a good one, it appears.

    We'll be back.

  4. Thank you! I found Tony by searching "Arkansas" on Technorati, just hoping for kindred spirits. I LOVE the freakin' internet!

    My actual favorite search that got someone here was someone acutally searching "aluminum underpants". If you read down in my blog, you will find the relevant posts, "Alumininum Underpants" (one of the first) and "Aluminum Underpants Revisited" (fairly recently).

    I would REALLY love if all of you would visit the post "Aluminum Underpants Revisited" and postulate some theories on Colorado's exemptions to their aluminum underpants ban for "personal reasons". Please?

  5. I'm impressed that you managed to get evil, ninja and kitty together in one um "place?". Surely if "two out of three ain't bad" getting 3 out of 4 should make evil alien ninja kitty searcher quite happy if he comes back!