Friday, September 23, 2005


Housework BLOWS. Admittedly, Alex is doing at least 90% of it, but I still hate my ten with a passion.

And now I bring you...cuteness for cuteness' sake. Almost 3 mos. old, and we're trying to come up with a "Phantom of the Opera" name because of his facial marking. Suggestions welcome. All I've come up with so far is "Music ofthe Night".

He gets his chrome from his daddy, who is still here and loving life at age 24:

This is another daughter of his, and her yearling colt:
And this is his sire, Genuine/+:

And oh, my GOSH--if you want to see some beautiful horse photography, check out this page on my RL friend Lisa's website. As my 3-year-old would say (unfortunately), "HOWY CWAP!" Lisa is SO talented! While you're there, feel free to browse around, but I had not seen this page, and can't believe how amazing and dramatic her pictures are!

I really, REALLY should be cleaning.


  1. His markings are really unusual, he's very handsome. How about something with Andrew Lloyd Webber for a Phantom of The Opera name?

    Tommorrow we start cleaning ourselves. Hopefully we can get Alan moved into the computer room in the next month or so. (we should have done it before he was born...but we procrastinated!)

  2. Leslie, that's what I said in the first of the post! ;-) I can't come up with much, though. I may stick with Music of the Night.

  3. Thanks for plugging my pictures!!! Someday soon, (and this is almost as bad as housework) you need to get your horses cleaned up (bathed, clipped, the whole works), and I'll come over and take some photos for you!!!

    I loved your Dubya quote from yesterday. Had to share it with several people!!


  4. i vote 'nosey parker'. wowza.

    and whenever bear and i are doing a joint project and i escape to my office to hide, he yells up the stairs 'I CAN HEAR YOU TYPINNNNNNNNG!'

    i need a stealth keyboard...

  5. I'm guessing "Phantom" is out? "Raoul" isn't really a horse name, what about "Angel of Music" and "Angel" for short? Unless you already have a horse with that name. Not a lot of great boy names in Phantom.

  6. Those are beautiful horses! Thanks for visiting my site! Did you read about Baxter, my standard poodle? He's THE BEST. We have to trade poodle stories. DO you breed poodles?

    I'm bookmarking you and coming back here again to browse and find more poodle pictures. POODLES RULE!

  7. Have I mentioned that you're a vile tormentor?! Because if I haven't, I would like to do so, now.


  8. Heh, heh. Carnivora, you are one of my very favorites from you-know-where!

  9. I am amazed that Montrechet is still tooling around. I think he was the first horse that I ever saw that I was scared of because of the "stallion" stigma. But truly he is possibly one of the most beautifully graceful guys in the biz, his little boy Misha being the only exception. If 'chet is 24 how old is Misha these days?

  10. Misha is 14. *sniff*

    OMG, I should totally dig up those pictures I have of you riding him at that Arab show when you were just a cute little punkin!!!!

    (Insert maniacal laughter here)

  11. The Phantom's real name was Eric in the book, if I'm remembering correctly. Not terribly glamorous, though. The book was written by Gaston Le Roux (or La, I don't remember which) or do something with Masquerade - that's one of my favorite songs and scenes.