Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And It Happened In Texas ?

Well, yeah...but maybe not for much longer, eh? I'm sure that if he's removed, another of the Borg/Ceylon/Pod People (pick your own favorite science fiction metaphor) will slip right in and take his place. But still, this was a shocker for me. I really am surprised. Here's a timeline of Delay's illustrious career. He seems to have been teflon up 'til now. Wonder if the tide is turning for him?

See this site for a wonderful collection of quotes from He Who Is The Federal Government and He Who Is The Constitution.


  1. I. HATE. HIM.

    thus, i am happy.

  2. Why couldn't this have happened closer to election time?!!!
    I think its great that Delay had to step down - that's right mister mister, think you are God changing around rules and districting and finally the real power upstairs has a say. I hope Delay goes away - like Gingrich!

  3. That would be poetic, since he tried to "overthrow" Newt before...