Friday, August 19, 2005

Whassssssssssup, Arkansas?

The copperheads are up to something. There is a more in-depth article in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, but you have to be a subscriber to access it.

Basically, 100 or more copperhead snakes, which are pitvipers, are congregating nightly at one man's home near Mountain Home, Arkansas. Nobody knows why, and that's what's unnerving. What are they discussing at these meetings? What do they have planned next? How come it seems to be a "boy's club" of poisonous snakes?

The most disturbing quote in the referenced article, for me, is this one, from Chuck Miller, the owner of the property that is playing host to the nightly hissfests:

"Something's making them do it. They know something we don't know. There's got to be something more to this."

Remember how, on "Buffy" or "Angel", they would sometimes, after a great struggle, kill some mega-powerful foe, only to find out that the Big Bad they'd dispatched wasn't the REAL Big Bad?* That's the kind of feeling I get from the above statement by Miller.

Could there be some sort of copperhead version of the Ubervamp (geeky "Buffy" reference) out there, drawing his "children" to him for the final stage of his plan to unleash who-knows-what manner of snake-related chaos upon Arkansas? I don't think we have a hellmouth (another geeky "Buffy" reference) here, but the New Madrid faultline does run through the state. Who knows what lurks beneath? My money was on mole-people, but it could be a snake-thing, I suppose.

*If you don't, then immediately go rent every season of both "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". They have them all at Netflix. You'll feel better, even if we're about to become slave-labor for a race of super-copperhead overlords. I hope they let us keep TiVo.


  1. Oh my god!1 If I were that guy I'd sell my home immediately!

  2. And you get the impression from the articles that he just isn't that bothered! Just having the kids be "a little more careful" where they play. Eeeeep!

  3. Maybe you are correct about your mole people theory. I wouldn't give up on that yet. Whos to say that the mole people arent using the copperheads to overtake their once proud kingdom of, wait, Mountain Home?!?!? Why would anyone trying to overtake the world start in Mt. Home. I am concerned about the intelligence of these mole people. They probably won't let us keep TiVo. WHAT A WORLD!!!!!!