Saturday, August 06, 2005

Uteryou, Uterme, Uterus

Just now, bemoaning the wave after wave of excruciating, narcotic-resistant, endometriosis-powered pain emanating from my womb:

Me: "I want this uterus OUT."*

Alex: (Theatrical sigh) "Lemme get a spoon."

Me: "Not with a SPOON!"

Bella: "Mommy, what about a spork?"

Ahhh, wonderful. The humor gene, it is passed on.

*But I must make an exception for the baby-giving. I appreciate my uterus for the baby-giving. The only reason I've hung onto it for this long is in hopes of maybe being blessed with another delightful being who will make jokes about gutting me with a spork. 'Cause this one, well...totally worth the years of uterus-related agony.


  1. I'll pick a sense of humor over sympathy any day!

    What a resourceful young woman she is.

  2. It should also be noted that the representation of the female reproductive system shown here is not anatomically correct for me personally. The pain-flashes are spot-on, but I only have the *right* overy and fallopian tube. Wow...just think what I coulda done with TWO!