Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Up Too Late...

...and aimless internet browsing has led me to a thing which we can in no way afford (because, naturally, I'd want the king-size one), and which would give me a fit of conscience every time I looked at it (baaaaa)....but oh, the longing for the luxury.

In the meantime, Alex and I, who are both having some significant sleep disturbances, have taken a prescription sleep aid. They seem to take several times longer to have the desired effect on me as on him. So, thinking he's not that groggy yet, I mistakenly try to start a conversation.

Me: "Honey, can I buy a fleece blanket?"

Alex: (faintly and groggily) "Huh--whaa? Who pees on your anklet?"

Me: (administering motherly pats) "Goodnight, Sweetheart."

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