Monday, August 22, 2005

Uh, Mr. President?

I have stumbled across this picture on blog entries as far back as last November, but nowhere--nowhere--have I been able to find an explanation of exactly what is going on here. I could buy a possible "wardrobe malfunction" (especially in light of this other picture I found through mad Googling):
But back to the first photo--what of the big guy all snugged up to the Pres' hindmost parts, WITH A GIANT GOOFY GRIN ON HIS FACE? That part reminds me of the scene in "Bringing Up Baby", when Katherine Hepburn rips the back out of her evening gown, and Cary Grant has to walk in lock-step behind her out of the nightclub. Was there a simultaneous catastrophe with both the front AND back of Bush's pants? And why is the fellow on flank duty so HAPPY about it?

I won't stoop so low as to reflect on the possibility that Dub has trouble dressing himself...respect for the office, and all that. Besides, you're perfectly capable of making your own jokes, including ones about looking for WMD. Do I have to do everything?

But seriously--if you're a beltway (no pun intended) insider, and you know what's up here--PLEASE enlighten.


  1. I would guess that maybe the problem is a microphone wire. I've seen similar comedies played out at church.
    I don't know what's wrong with the goofus behind the Pres!

  2. Me either, but doesn't he look HAPPY? Maybe he's had a secret thang for Dub for years, and this was his big chance for some surreptitious "snuggle time".

  3. Microphone problems?

    "Dick? Can you hear me now?"

  4. You finally come out of the woodwork, and THIS is your contribution? I am not, *snicker* repeat NOT *snort* laughing.

    Our pastor at church really does wear this mic that is wired through his suit somehow...I actually prefer to believe that there's a mic problem than that the pres can't zip his own pants.