Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tweaking Your Crankbait

There's not even a story here, it's just a headline I glimpsed in a copy of Field and Stream magazine that Alex was reading, and for some reason I couldn't stop giggling. If you must know, it's all laid out here, but trust me--it's funnier if you just accept it with no context.

And a shoutout to a Craigslist poster (you know who you are!) for the absotively biggest unexpected snort of my entire day yesterday, when she actually for real put these words together in narrative form:
"It was a capuchin monkey that bit me on the head and stole my peanut butter sandwich..."

So help me, she was telling a true story, and that was part of it. You can't make this stuff up.

And under the heading of "Great Comebacks", I report this one from Dearest Husband, in a good-natured argument with me earlier today in the car. I will paraphrase and condense, for the sake of privacy and brevity, the entire exchange, except for Alex's last line.

Me: States a correct fact.

Alex: States a contradicting, and erroneous fact.

Me: Offers incontrovertable evidence of the validity of my original statement.

Alex: "Yeah, well--Shut Up."

Oh, the rapier wit. I'm still stinging.

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