Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Truth Will Out

Ever since Bella has entered the Tantrum Child stage, my husband, her father, has repeatedly insisted that this behavior MUST come from my side of the family, despite the fact that my mother has consistently maintained what a quiet, non-confrontational child I was. Because Alex, you see, by his account, was a mild-mannered angel at ALL times. And there are, indeed, plenty of old photographs of the little tow-headed cherub appearing as though sugar would not melt in his mouth. (God help me, he was as beautiful a child as he is a man.) So, hmmm....the tantrums, they must be a throwback to another ancestor, right? Or something.

So anyway, I'm talking to Alex's very sweet and charming mother (I could not possibly have gotten any luckier in the mother-in-law department) this morning, and she's asking how my anxiety problems are coming along, and complimenting me on my blogging, and she says, AND I QUOTE:

"Well, it's no wonder you're having anxiety if Bella is throwing the caliber of tantrum that Alex did when he was that age."

Me: (Incredulously) "WHAT?!?"

MIL: "Oh, he could be a little terror. He was sweet, most of the time, but boy, could he throw a fit."

Me: (Eyeing husband with the highbeams now, to his befuddled "What?" expression) "Oh, REALLY? Well, you know, he maintains that he was just gooder'n ary angel as a child, never a moment's trouble."

MIL: (Laughs expressively) "Oh, dear...ask him about the time we were at J.C. Penney and he wanted me to buy him a cowboy hat that was identical to one he already had. I wouldn't get it for him, and he just laid down on the floor and kicked and screamed. For a moment, I considered just leaving him there." (Laughs again--this is not the sort of woman who would walk 5 FEET away from her child in a public place.)

Me: (Laughing hysterically--with a slightly bitter edge--now) "Well, I am certainly glad to learn of this. Now I know who to call when trying to deal with the Tantrum Child. All my mom ever has to offer is, "I don't and Andrea never did that."

So from now on, when Bella wants to sleep in her Easter dress, or won't get out of the tub, or is running around naked yelling, "I NEVER GET DRESSED AGAIN! NEVER NEVER NEVER!" I am calling my wonderful mother-in-law.

I'm currently imagining the stars she must have in her crown.


  1. That is such a funny story. Men have such short tem memories don't they?r

  2. Not me sister, it was NOT the same cowboy hat. This one had a little chin strap, the better to hold it on while galloping across the plains...or screaming on the floor at J.C. Penney.