Monday, August 22, 2005


I don't know what flavor of "Baptist" these nut-cases from the Westboro Baptist Church based out of Topeka, Kansas are, but let me state unequivocally that THEY AIN'T MINE. I've heard of Southern Baptists, General Baptists, and many others, but what are these jokers--SATANIC Baptists? You can read the whole article about these whack-jobs protesting at the funeral of fallen soldier, Rusty Bell, in Pocahontas, Arkansas, but I think these images pretty much sum up the ideology of Fred Phelps and his followers.

Um, yeah. Anybody home? You plan to serve God by deliberately disobeying Him and acting in a way that would be shameful to Him? Good plan. I'm sure He's just waaaaay proud of you right now.

To see how much more closely this group resembles a cult than it does a church, see Wikipedia's excellent entry on them, and Fred Phelps. I'd direct you to his hateful websites, but I don't want to encourage traffic for him.

What I DO want to encourage traffic for is this: Bell’s mother says he loved to read and was a member of the organization called Books For Soldiers. If anyone would like to make a contribution in his honor, they can do that at


  1. While I do not and can not ever claim to be the most religious person in the world I am pretty certain that anyone can see that this is not the work of God. I thought that one of the great benefits of Christianity was going out and spreading the word of God. I don't think that these are his words. God HATES AMERICA??? Isn't that kind of a contradiction?

    These people need to wake up and realize that THEY are the reason that so many people shy away from religion as a whole whether it be Christianity or any other religion. Who would want to be a part of that??

  2. These nuts picketed a church in Lexington, MA recently. They felt this church was too tolerant. (How dare they love all of God's creatures!)

    I was very happy with the counter-demonstration that was organized. Folks from every church and synagogue in Lexington came out, and stood silently facing the street/sidewalk with their backs to the protesters. The only signs they held were the names of the houses of worship they represented.

  3. I don't think the evil ones were expected in Pocahontas on the day of the visitation. Hopefully, for the funeral, the locals were prepared (as much as you can be for that sort of lunacy) for the Vitriolic Topekans.

  4. They were at a soldier funeral in Portage, Ind., too a few weeks ago.

    Police did a fine job of making sure no one knew the fucktards were even there.