Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sick Day

You don't feel well today, Punkin' Seed (that was your Daddy's choice of pet names for you today; He has lots of 'em). It's these darn Arkansas allergies. The copious drainage into your throat makes you cough--you barked like a seal all night--and makes your throat sore (as you tell it, "a boo-boo inside your neck"). So we're taking it easy today, reading books and magazines and watching way too much "Dora The Explorer", and keeping the antihistamines flowing. Oh, and Reggie is having sympathetic puniness--not that he needs much of an excuse to act pitiful:
And those are not his baby-wipes or his red handbag, but that is his copy of Bookmarks magazine. He does like to keep up with the latest literary news.

UPDATE, 6:00 P.M.--Your Daddy, who, by the way, has his extremely thoughtful moments, came home and brought you a big snuggly stuffed monkey, a soft fleece monkey blanket, both of which match your much-loved monkey pillow. And also some very clever "lollipops" which are actually zinc-fortified cough drops. Good Daddy. We hope you feel better soon, Punkin' Seed.

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