Thursday, August 25, 2005

New (Old) Woodpeppers!!*

I haven't been able to ascertain whether anyone has actually laid EYES on one yet, but apparently the folks in the know about these things are confident enough of what they're HEARING in the Big Woods of Arkansas to declare that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, previously thought extinct, is alive and well right here among us! I, for one, think this is waaaaaaaaaay cool. Go, 'peppers!
This image circa 1930's

*Isabella, the term "woodpepper" originated from an innocent slip of the tongue from your grandfather, my dad, when he was in a state of high exasperation due to ultra-persistent woodpeckers pecking on the SIDING of our home. That's right, they weren't even pecking on WOOD. These were some dumb 'peckers. Dad had tried everything from hanging shiny pie plates to putting up fake scary owls and fake scary snakes on the roof to deter the woodpeckers, but still they came. And the noise, from inside the house, was LOUD, like artillery fire. One night when the 'peckers started up, Dad stood it as long as he could, then jumped up and in his excitement and frustration, said, "Those darn woodpeppers! I'm sick of them!" Well, of course, we all, including him, burst out laughing, and from that time forward in this family, these birds have, and will evermore be, referred to as "woodpeppers." We expect you to carry on this proud tradition.


  1. I even call them "woodpeppers" half the time now, and even if I say it right, I hear it in my head as woodpeppers!!! Sort of like I hear "there's a bathroom on the right" sometimes when listening to 94.1.

  2. Awww...thanks for remembering. You made me smile. And CCR knew where all the bathrooms were.