Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Recurrent Goat Problem

Here she is, the bane (OK, maybe just "a" bane) of my existence. She's a pygmy goat. She is not MY pygmy goat. She lives on a neighboring property, and for some reason, they cannot keep her contained in her sad little pen. Once she gets out of there, she just scrambles over OUR fence and into our pasture and hangs out with our horses--who are highly suspicious of her.

I feel kind of bad for her owners, but really--why would you keep a goat in a little dirt pen in your backyard? It's no wonder that she wants to escape, and that our 10 acres of grass and OTHER ANIMALS to socialize with is more appealing than her little solitary goat-prison.
There is another neighbor who keeps goats and sheep, who would be happy to take this little goat to live with her animals, and I have told the escaping-goat-owners so. But for whatever reason, they don't seem to want to give her up. I think it took them a couple of hours to catch her last night and take her home. It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

I already have an antagonistic relationship with a couple of ram sheep that I DO own (see picture above), but at least they don't actively cause trouble, like the goat does.

I am sad for the little goat--she's so happy when she's over here, wagging her little tail while she raids the horse feed--and I am sad for her owners, who keep having to come over here and have a mini-rodeo and drag her back to her little goat gulag. I wish I could convince them to give her to Pat--she'd be so much happier, she'd have friends, and best of all, she'd be behind a 6-foot chainlink fence on about 30 acres! I'm sorry, wee little goat. I know you want to live here, but you wreak too much havoc, and you don't belong to me. I wish you a better life, Sweetheart.


  1. Hmmmm....what if the goat just disappeared? I know someone with lots of area and feed for goats, and also has some other goats for company.


  2. *Whew*--for a second, there, I thought you were proposing a hit on the goat. Wonder how much the contract would be on a Pygmy Goat?

    Nah, I feel for the boy who owns her--he just can't seem to keep her contained.