Monday, August 29, 2005

The Horror

So now we are ALL sick. Well, actually Bella's feeling much better, as evidenced by her gleefully hopping up and down on her father and me as we moan in agony and cough on each other. (Note to jenB--if anyone actually figures out how to "call in sick" to your child, you will spill it--or else.) Alex spent all night (and I mean ALL NIGHT) throwing up because of a hideous, spike-through-the-head migraine, which meant that I spent all night VERY VOCALLY BEING VERY SORRY that he was throwing up and his head was hurting. I was also frequently commanded/pleaded with to "help me, Honey, help me!" To which I, of course, had no possible appropriate response. I did give him some of my own precious migraine medication--which he promptly vomited up. That's gratitude for ya. Not to mention sacrilege. I was also accused of trying to kill him (note--I didn't) a couple of times, which, coincidentally, was something my dad used to accuse my mom of when he was very sick and she was tending to him, so that was kind of comforting in a twisted sort of way.

At least I haven't thrown up yet. Bella and I are more in the (WARNING--TOO MUCH INFORMATION COMING RIGHT...NOW!) diarrhea neighborhood than the vomiting neighborhood. And we both have the stupid allergy sinuses, which, I think, can in fact eventually kill you. Feels that way, anyway.

I'd post a group picture of our pitiful selves, but currently, we far too closely resemble the zombie extras from "Shaun Of The Dead".

But sometimes, we look like this.

And Bella is adorable no matter what, even in the middle of apocalyptic tantrums.


  1. Oh, no! I hope you guys recover quickly. *Both* parents aren't supposed to get sick at the same time! At least, not until Bella is big enough to take care of you!

    Feel better!

  2. Well, she jumps up and down on us, hugs us, and says, "I JUS LUUUUUV YOU!" Does that count?

  3. Something is definitely going around. I'm battling the sinus headache, sore throat thing, too. Oh no! I haven't reached the puking/pooping point, yet. Is that what I have to look forward to? Hope you all feel better soon!!

  4. Your Dad only said that once when he was sick. It was the "Hong Kong Flu" in the late 1960's and I had nursed him through high fever, chills, and vomiting for several days and I finally was able to help drag his 6'4", 200 lb. self to the tub for a "real" bath(after days of sponging him). He had to crawl (literally) back to the bed afterward where he promptly began shivering uncontrollably. With his teeth chattering, he looked at me with those pale, red-rimmed sky-blue eyes and uttered the dreaded words, "You tried to KILLLLLL me!" The response of my exhausted self to just stare at him in shock, then cry! We sure laughed about that for the rest of our lives together and after that he liked to say it about any activity which was my idea and not his.
    Oh, I loved that man!

  5. Yep--I always loved it when he said, "You are killllin' ME!" I say it to Bella now, and it's just a matter of time 'til she starts, too. It's a happy legacy.

    Right now, my throat is trying to kill ME.