Friday, August 12, 2005

Half A Rat and Apology To A Cat

When Alex went to get into his truck to leave for work this morning, there was something on top of the cab. He thought it was a big, wet, dead leaf. He was partly was dead and wet, and a RAT. More specifically, a portion of a rat. The headless portion. We have sorely misjudged poor maligned Buddy the Barn Cat--I guess the 'coons were just too darned big for him to take on, but apparently he's doing his part in the vermin-control department. See those pictures? That's the form of a predator, my friend. He is obviously using the driveway gravel to enhance his natural camouflage, and then terrorizing his victims into paralysis with that ferocious growl, there. I'm sorry I doubted you, Buddy.

The funny part is how stupid I am first thing in the morning. Alex called me on his cell phone (having left Bella and I obliviously slumbering) to tell me about the half-rat on his way to work. Once he got the details out, the first thing I asked was (really), "Did you get rid of it?"

Without missing a beat, but in a what sounded to me like a snickery, wife-mocking tone of voice, Alex answered, "No, I thought I'd drive around town with it on top of my truck, you know, like a deer hunter. And people will think I'm extra-tough when I tell 'em I gnawed his head off."

I'm just glad that HIS truck is Buddy's chosen half-rat depository. Country life, it has its ups and downs.

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