Friday, August 12, 2005

Google Straightjackets

After the last 90 minutes of "getting ready for bed", which translates for Bella into "WooHOO--Time for Six-Armed Manic Monkey Wrestling!", resulting in, as Alex put it, " too many head-bones to the eye socket" for our comfort or peace of mind, the father of my child turns to me and says, "Google 'straightjackets'. I just want to see if they come in a size 3T."

Apparently (see above) you CAN get a straightjacket to fit a sock-monkey. I'll keep you posted of any further developments. I mean, after all, what IS a straightjacket if not highly effective swaddling? But looking at that know, I don't remember my sock monkey having teeth. Maybe this one's had too much Dr. Pepper? In any case,I'm kinda glad he's restrained.

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    Thanks for visiting MooAlex today! I definitely look forward to your contribution to the Summer of Blog photo album! And I'll get to that question this weekend, too!