Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Debate Without Merit

I really can't even BELIEVE I'm having this argument. On watching a movie tonight, since Mom has Bella (bless you, my mother). My choice is "Arsenic and Old Lace". I LOVE that movie. Alex's current choice is "Eight-Legged Freaks."

I ask you, internets, is there really a question when comparing Cary Grant to giant hopping spiders? Tell me if I'm wrong. But I'm not.


  1. What, exactly, are you debating?

    If it's "Weirdest Looking Star," Alex wins, all eight freaky little hands down.

    If it's about "Which Movie Would I Likely Watch Twice?" chances are I'll go with AAOL.

    Cary Grant won't give me nightmares.

    That freaky spider just might.

  2. We wound up having to see both, so I'll probably dream about Cary Grant (which is good), and just as he's about to propose to me in some clever, sexy way, he will sprout 8 furry legs and eat my head.

  3. Phew, we don't have that kind of argument in our house; My wife and I like the same movies ...and AAOL is definitely more to our liking than 8-legged Freaks(since we're SANE! ;-)

    Even our 5 yr old daughter is a Cary Grant fan (To Catch a Thief and Bringing Up Baby in particular)

  4. Truth be told, this was merely a ploy to annoy me. Alex is the biggest Cary Grant fan you'd ever meet...and then there's Grace Kelly, his eternal obsession. So yes, "To Catch A Thief" is a big favorite. It's my favorite Hitchcock, but Alex's is "North By Northwest." We have quite a Cary Grant film festival in our Netflix Queue for next week, including "Bringing Up Baby" and "Notorious". It'll be fun. 'Course, every once in a while, there WILL be a "Kung Fu Hustle" thrown in.