Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Brave New Halibut, etc.

I just got around to watching the TiVo'd finale of the reality show "Hell's Kitchen". Alex and I have been fascinated by the process--I can't imagine EVER having what it takes to run a restaurant. Heck, I've been reduced to tears by dropping a sweet potato souffle'. We both think that Peter Brave is a blooming GENIUS (If you have a single tastebud in your mouth, get on the phone to him now and find out what nights the orgasmically-good halibut will be offered as a special this summer, and GO THERE THEN. Go there ANYTIME. You will thank me). Anyway, the overriding issue of "Hell's Kitchen" remains, for me, as it has been since the first episode, the fact that there was a male contestant on it whose actual name is "Dewberry". Seriously. Dewberry. First name. Dewberry. But HK was a fun ride...we've also enjoyed "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" on BBC America. Chefs are the new rock stars, no?

The report from my sister upon a recent visit to "Wild River Country" is that it perhaps should be renamed "Smells-Like-A-Lot-Of-People-Peed-In-The-River Country". Ahhhh, refreshing!

And my brother-in-law, Chip, wants to know, of yesterday's post, "What about the crankbait?"

This morning, on waking, Bella was all smiles. I said, "I think I need a sugar!" She obliged sweetly, then smiled coyly and asked, "Do you think you need a....hug?" And darned if she wasn't right--I did need one!

My husband has just informed me, and I quote: "You know, I'm a lot funnier than you think I am." Honey, I'm laughing a lot harder than you think I am. Really.

Oh, and people? Stop saying "a tad bit". It's either a tad, or it's a bit, but please, please, not "a tad bit." A tad IS a bit, and a bit IS a tad.

And seriously, get thee to Brave New Restaurant

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