Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Artistic Genius

Staggering genius, I tell you. OK, she had help from Daddy with the writing part, but I think that the above result for the query, "Can you draw Daddy?" is pret-ty darned impressive. I always did say he had a square jaw.


  1. Alan doesn't draw yet. He'd rather *I* draw, preferably a snowman, or Thomas ...

  2. Looks just like him!!!

    Bella is very talented...My son Will is 5, and he couldn't draw a stick person!!

    Like mama, like daughter...


  3. It has been pointed out by Sue that in this drawing, Daddy bears somewhat of a resemblance to Spongebob, which, in actuality...he doesn't. Except for the singing. But hey--it's a real, recognizable rendering of a FACE! Mommy is perhaps way too impressed.