Friday, August 05, 2005

Alex: All Pros, No Cons

Not that there aren't cons, you understand (hey, you're good, not perfect), but just not here, not now. This is a short list of little things you probably don't think about, but which all contribute to why I love you (note--this is NOT an all-inclusive list, just things that are on my mind right now):

You and Bella together...sigh. Happymaking.

Even though you've never had a cramp in your life, you will drop everything and go fetch me ibuprofen, and if necessary, chocolate, at the drop of a hat. Admittedly, there's a whiff of self-preservation in this for you, but I know it's mostly out of love.

You didn't complain the other day when I wore your green Polo shirt. I know you hate that, and I'm sorry, but it was late, and I was desperate. Oh, and if you didn't mention it because you didn't notice...then it didn't happen.

You, laughing? Best Thing Ever. Nothing warms my heart more than when I can make you laugh, or next best, just be there when something else does.

You are warm. Not just emotionally, but physically. There's something great about hugging someone who you know will always, no matter what, feel warmer than your own body temperature. Very comforting.

You can hypnotize horses.

Your calm nature in times of crisis keeps me secure and has probably kept us safe on more than one occasion--notable recently, the grey Camry that flipped over and slammed into the retaining wall RIGHT IN FRONT OF US on I-630 on Tuesday. I was driving, and would have been all in the middle of that mess, if you hadn't pointed and said quietly, "Look out, Babe." Seriously, had you screamed like a ninny (as I would have), I would have freaked out and crashed us into something else. As it is, I overswerved and overcompensated, but we were OK. I hope and pray the same for the occupant(s) of that Camry.

Oh, and the fact that you know what direction you're going at all times? I know I downplay it, and act like it doesn't matter (since I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag with a compass and a lighter) but actually, I think that it is WAY COOL. It makes you a dream to travel with, and in the above incident, you knew to tell the 911 dispatcher that the "single-car accident with turnover" happened "just east of Martin Luther King on I-630 westbound." Whoa. And uh, I could not have told anyone what kind of car it was if I hadn't heard you tell the dispatcher, "grey Camry". Wow.

You notice everything in your periphery. See above.

You think the hypnotoad is funny.

You love puppies.

You love poodles.

I most ardently adore the fact that you kind of "take over" primary outdoor responsibilities during the "dog days", knowing that I hate this kind of opressive heat and humidity even more than I denounce Tom Cruise (and that's a lot). You know I'll slog out there during the winter when, to you, it's "freezing" (i.e. below 50 degrees), but to me this time if year is SO much worse. Thanks.

You have kept flower and herb gardens, and potted plants outside, going solely because I dearly love them...and you know that if it's up to me to stand out there in the scorching heat and tend them, well, then, they're going to crisp up in short order.

You love my mother. You have NO idea what that means to me, I'm sure, because you don't feel that way for her because of me.

You love my sister. You don't want her to know how much, I don't think, and you especially don't want her to know you think she's funny, but you do.

You "get" my whole family. That's just...well, impressive. We're an odd bunch.

You love Sue. You didn't have to, but you do. See mother and sister above, same implications. Part of my "package" that you embraced all on your own. Swoonworthy.

In spite of your great desire to be a humbug and a misanthrope, you're just such a softie. You worry about Kerri, you let me drag home pitiful animals that no one else wants (hi, Pearl!), you install my mom's TiVo, you laugh at our church choir director's gosh-awful jokes (hi, Doug!). You people-person, you! singsongy, taunting voice: You liiiiiike people! You liiiiike people!!

That's all for now...I'm sure this will have you all inflated and cocky, and thinking that now you can come home and watch old "Star Trek" and ask me to chicken-fry you a steak ("and put some meat in it this time")* while you sit in your recliner. But, um...please don't. The cramps. They're still here.

*An honest-to-gosh prize for the first person who correctly identifies--as Alex will--that reference. Really. I'll send you a gift in the mail, I think you're that cool.


  1. Wow, that sounds like that could have been a very scary accident on the highway!

  2. It was sure horrible for whoever was in that car. I wish I knew if they were OK.