Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To Alex: Some Pros and Cons of You

I really hate that you figure this out faster than I do.

But I do love that you will go and get me Chinese takeout just because I ask. Or Coca-Colas or chocolate that I don't need.

I really, REALLY wish you hadn't taught our beautiful, delicate daughter the class act that is "pull my finger".

But I just love that laughter that she makes ONLY for you, that high, lilting ethereal giggle that says not only "I am amused", but "Being with my Daddy is one of the happiest things in my life."

It drives me nuts to hear a grown man using terms like "tum-tum" and "nappy-poo"...when referring to HIMSELF.

But I appreciate that you baby me like crazy when I need it, even if I don't know that I do (need it).

I HATE playing cards with you, because you are unbeatable.

But I admire that you will continue to agree to play with me even though you know ahead of time the fit I'm going to throw, and how much I'm going to sulk, when I lose. And you are always a gracious winner. I am not.

The singing of goofy made-up lyrics to any song you halfway know the tune of can be maddening.

But I could listen to you sing all day, with your beautiful voice, when you're doing it right and not acting silly.

Again, the fact that you are unbeatable at so many number/card-oriented games can be infuriating.
But I'm glad you will play word games with me...and lose honestly.

And finally, since there are so many things you can do better than me, I love the fact that you can't make a decent analogy to save your ever-loving life.

Not only do I love you; You're fun. Thanks. Oh, and thanks for watching all the "Buffy" and "Angel" reruns with me...even though I know you secretly like them. You do.


  1. Shut UP!! A comment on MY 'blog from The Queen of Wails? I'm not worthy! (Aside to my family and friends, who I assumed were my only audience--you must check her out! She's a rockinmama.)