Friday, July 08, 2005

Ninja Poodles? What?

Well, I'm trying the blog thing. Been reading them for ages, thinking, "I really gotta start doing that." Especially since Isabella (10/20/02) came along, because there are so many things she says/does that I'm afraid I'll forget if I don't write them down. SO...."Ninja Poodles"? That comes from dear friend Sue. See, we have poodles. A passel of poodles. We show them, occasionally breed them, and make stuttering attempts at agility and obedience with them, though we're definitely neophytes in those fields. Anyway, we have Sue to thank for our very first champion, Reggie. During Reggie's puppyhood, Sue had another litter of black miniature poodle puppies. She kept the whole darn litter. They were mischievous, highly active, and exhibited a collective consciousness in their troublemaking pursuits. Sue referred to this group in an offhand and matter-of-fact way, as "The Ninjas", which always cracked me up. There's just something so appealing, and so fitting (especially if you know miniature poodles) to the idea of Ninja Poodles. So...away we go, entering the blogosphere.


  1. So that's where the 'ninja' in 'ninja poodles' comes from :) I always wondered that but hadn't gotten as far as this post. :)

    Love your blog, as always! Bella is so amazing. I can only dream of having such a sweetheart some day!