Sunday, July 10, 2005

About Me

*I'm a lifelong Southerner.

*I'm a Christian.

*I'm a member of a Southern Baptist Church.

*Politically, I lean left.

*Cognitively, I lean right.

*I am generally conflicted.

*I see almost every issue in shades of grey, not black/white.

*It is difficult for me to make decisions.

*I am highly empathetic.

*I had a very happy childhood.

*I love my husband.

*My husband loves me.

*We have had some rough times.

*We have had some great times.

*We believe the worst of the rough times are behind us.

*We have a daughter who is a miracle.

*We love to sing together, to Isabella, and in the church choir.

*We are very proud of our child, our poodles, and our horses.

*We love Arkansas, heat and allergies aside.

*I do not believe that "Christian" necessarily = "Republican."

*I trust in the Lord in all things.

*I am afraid for my daughter's future in this country, in this world, the way it's going now.

*I am incapable of operating an electric can-opener.

*I think that Jermain Taylor is cool.

*I want everyone to have access to food, shelter, health, and education. Everyone.

*The worst book I ever read used to be "The Bridges of Madison County." That was supplanted by "The Devil Wears Prada."


  1. *I want everyone to have access to food, shelter, health, and education. Everyone.

    So do I. That would be a wonderful thing.

    Found your blog from Erin's. By the way, what are the BOB awards? Where can info be found on them?



  2. You forgot to add:

    I am so kick-butt funny that whenever jaded and world weary Grace Davis loads up my site, she throws herself on the floor, seizing in uncontrollable laughter just looking at my banner alone."

  3. Hey Belinda. as im assuming your name is! haha Im just some randome girl from Ontario Canada.. IM sitting here watching the Final game in the Carolina Edmonton series(good game i'll add) and I wasnted to do a search on Don cherry cause he is this funnny man who announces for hockey night in canada.. im sure youve heard of him.. if not hew wears wierd printed suits all the time.. hes famous for them.. so I wanted to see what sort of suites i could come across and instead! I came across a comment that you made about some spray your cat puke away cleaner icon so I clickeed haha And I must say ive been reding all around your site for proably 2 hours now and its definatly amazing.. you ahve some writing talents I love to you read the stuff and awsome photos.. your daughter = beautiful..!
    Anways I have to go to school tomorrow (shame shame) CHeerio!

  4. You're a doggone good writer.


  5. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan, and I run a company called I understand from Elisa at BlogHer that you were selected to be one of our sponsored attendees at the conference. I just wanted to reach out to say hi and tell you that we hope you have a great time at the conference. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it but members of our marketing team will be out there and I hope you have the chance to network with them. If you get a chance, check us out at All the best and speak to you soon,


  6. I'm a member of the Church of Christ - assuming you are familiar since you are in Arkansas? Anyway, I'm very much like you with the whole left, right, black, white vision regard...


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